SendNow™ Getting Started Tutorial Video
Step by Step Guide - Basic
Duration: 12:30 mins

Create a Contact List
Duration: 01:49 mins
Import Contact List from a File (.csv)
Duration: 03:26 mins
Add Contacts Manually
Duration: 00:46 mins

Personalized Email Greeting with Personalized Name
Duration: 01:26 mins
Creating an Online Survey Form
Duration: 06:13 mins
Create Website Subscription Form
Duration: 03:29 mins

Add file as a hyperlink to Email Campaign
Duration: 02:09 mins
Create a event Reminder
Duration: 01:27 mins
Insert Survey Link into the Email Campaign
Duration: 01:17 mins

Export / Backup existing contact list to a file
Duration: 01:21 mins
Set bounce email setting to manage invalid email addresses
Duration: 03:36 mins
Insert unsubscribe link
Duration: 01:00 mins

Upload video in Youtube & link into email campaign
Duration: 03:01 mins